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I know there are some other dorama icon communities out there, but i none of them are very fond of tagging, which stinks if you are out searching for icons of a certain show or person.. soo, I decided to start a new one that is tag-friendly. feel free to join to watch or add your own!


If you add icons:

♥ tag the name of the show - if it is one that goes by a few different titles or spellings, check the tags to see which is being used, so we don't have things split up and messy.
♥ tag any of the actors/people that are in that batch of icons.. without the '-'s, again because some use them, some don't and we dont want multiple tags for the same people.
♥ you can have icons from movies or other media-y things, as long as they are from the same countries and properlly tagged.
♥ besides icons you can also post any wallpapers, animations or friends-only banners if you happen to make them, just make sure they are behind a cut if they are rather large.
♥ everything but 4 icons or 1 larger (but not large) graphic behind a cut

If you take icons:
♥ Comment ~ people like feedback and to know which ones are actually taken.
♥ Credit ~ duh. If you use an icon and don't put a "credit to username" in the comments box, you are a bad person on the inside.
♥ don't hotlink ~ if you want to put an icon anywhere but in the 'add icons' section of lj, you must make sure its ok with the maker, and then upload it to your own photobucket (or wherever) account, so you don't steal their bandwidth.
♥ a lot of icon-ers don't like people editing icons they've already made.. so if you want to add text or otherwise operate on an icon, you have to make sure it is okay with the original person. Some icons look like they've been nothing but cropped and resized to you but you might be surprised at how long someone had fiddled with contrasts and colors and layers to make it look like that. Note: if they are called 'bases', then you *can* edit them, just make sure you credit the base-maker if they want you too.